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To ensure you meet then exceed your own goals

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What Makes Greg the coach for you?

He is passionate about what he does.  He loves interacting with his clients and being able to bring out the best in them, to push them to the limits, and seeing them reach their full potential.


Greg is an endurance coach and a certified personal trainer.  

Whatever your schedule and time, he is flexible to meet your needs to get you to where you need and want to be.  He will work with you to tailor a plan & schedule that will work for you to fit your short and long-term goals; be that on-line coaching, home workout plans, in the studio, or one-on-one.

He admits, it can be hard to find the motivation to push yourself, and that is where he comes in and offers one on one or small group coaching.

“I’ll be there to inspire you throughout every session, it won’t be “here is your workout go do it.”


Greg Cooke

As a true Calgarian, I grew up enjoying our stunning rocky mountain backyard – spending most of my time in the mountains hiking, skiing, and backpacking while also playing (and coaching) hockey, baseball, and soccer.  My love for the outdoors led me to join the ski patrol and I continued as an active patroller for 15 years while also working as a first aid instructor for 12 of those years.  One of the highlights of that time was having the honour of being selected as a member of the medical team in Whistler for 2010 Vancouver Olympics. 


Subsequently, throughout my career in the electrical field, I took great pride in coaching and mentoring apprentices and journeyman alike, many of whom became the best in their field, took pride in their work, and excelled in their profession.

Always interested in seeing those around me excel, whilst taking my sporting interests to heart, I decided to switching my focus to coaching athletes.  In doing so, I have carried my experiences and philosophies forward.

I ask my clients to:

  •  Exceed your expectations

  •  strive to be the best you can be

  •  See the positive in every hardship

  •  Never quit!!


Career History:

Certified Personal Trainer

NCCP Trained Triathlon Coach

Emergency Medical Responder

Journeyman Electrician

My Goals

  • To further enhance my clients’ quality of life.

  • To help others achieve their own personal goals and to see them succeed in ways they never thought possible.

  • To become the best coach/trainer I possibly can through listening to my clients and athletes. And through further experience, mentor-ship and education

  • To continue to compete and live a healthy lifestyle


Greg cooke

Strength & Endurance Coach

Tel: 403-650-2291

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